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Sigiriya - A Creation of Aliens ?

Was sigiriya a creation of a genius nation of master builders or an outcome of extra-terrestrial intervention? An American TV production team questions the long lost mysteries of an ancient marvel.

Sigiriya, a first century BC monastery which was later converted into apleasure garden and a fortress in the fifth century AD by King Kashyapa, had continued to amaze the world with its’ futuristic architectural and engineering design even in the 21st century.

Being one of the eight wonders of the ancient world; many continue to question the powers behind the building of Sigiriya. Was it the work of a genius mortal or was there a divine intervention as the legends hold it to be?

A legend surrounding the giant rock fortress claims that it was built initially for Kuwera, the treasurer of gods by the ‘Vishwakarma’, the engineer of gods himself. The murals depicting pretty damsels with flowers in hand are held by some to be goddesses while some local archaeologists claim them to be the courtesans of King Kashyapa.

Building an hypothesis with the help of many legends and archaeological evidence the production team of ‘Ancient Aliens’, an American television series premiering on History Channel tries to build up an hypothetical case for ancient space travellers and past human-extra-terrestrial contact. Their investigation into monoliths scattered around the world question their possible connection with aliens and wonder whether they were build celebrating extra-terrestrials.

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