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Ampara | Hot Water Springs in Wahawa

Hot Water Springs in Wahawa

In the pastoral village of Wahawa in Padiyatalawa, are eighteen hot water springs scattered all around the village with tanks built around to store the water, which are available at various temperature levels. They are found in gardens, amidst forest patches and paddy fields and an eternal source of hot water to the villagers. Yet the most peculiar spring of all is an artesian well, which shoots hot water twelve feet high and provides the visitors and villagers with refreshing hot water showers. 

Hot water springs found along a narrow belt running from Hambantota to Trincomalee occur within the boundary of two main geological units -- Highland and Vijayan complexes. These springs are surface signs of subsurface hidden heat sources such as huge bodies of ‘hot dry rocks’, ‘deeply extending fracture zones’ or concealed magma chambers’.


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