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Ampara | Gamini-Thissa Monastery Complex in Mottagala

Gamini-Thissa Monastery Complex in Mottagala

Built in the third century BC by a provincial ruler Upathara Naga Naga, a royal member of the tenfold dynasty of the Eastern Sri Lanka Gamini-Thissa monastery complex in Mottagala is being savaged by treasure hunters and extremists.

The main and the largest stupa of the complex were recently destroyed using bulldozers under the pretext of preparing a paddy field while treasures inside the stupa had been ransacked. Although action was taken after immense protest by the Buddhists in the area, the stupa today lays a pile of bricks, a lost heritage. 

The destruction was followed by the demolition of an another stupa of the same monastery complex, yet situated closer to Sagama tank,  despite the countrywide protest due to lethargy of law enforcement authorities, which even refused to accept the moments for their archeological value. 


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