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Sri Lanka Tourism welcomes 100,000th Chinese Tourist of year 2014

( Posted on October 29, 2014 )

Achieving another remarkable milestone in the country’s flourishing tourism industry, Sri Lanka Tourism welcomed the arrival of 100,000th Chinese tourist in year 2014 at the Bandaranaike International Airport today 11th September 2014. Sri Lanka Tourism officials including Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism Mr. Bhashwara Gunarathna,  along with tourism officials and representatives from travel and tourism industry warmly welcomed the couple  HE YOUNG and CHEN HUI HUA from Shanghai who arrived via UL 867 Sri Lankan Airlines flight from Shanghai at 5.30 a.m. as the 100,000th tourist in year 2014 to Sri Lanka.

Special cultural dance performance was held at BIA to welcome the couple and Sri Lanka Tourism offered a special gift with a five-day package including accommodation at a high class hotel and air tickets for the lucky tourist couple who arrived today to visit country’s well- known attractions.Speaking to the media, they said that they decided to visit Sri Lanka when they saw the publicity programs and Bus Branding by Sri Lanka Tourism in the city of Shanghai. Once they had taken the decision to visit Sri Lanka, they had obtained a tourist package from the travel agency called the China Merchant International Travel.  China Merchant International Travel agency in collaboration with Deluxe Vacations in Sri Lanka has already sent 25 Chinese tourists including these two to Sri Lanka.

This is the first time in the history of Sri Lanka Tourism a number of 100,000 Chinese tourists were received in the country. Previously the highest number of Chinese arrivals were recorded during year 2013, amounting to 54,228.During the first nine months of the year the number of Chinese tourists arriving in the island rose by an impressive 141.4 percent to reach 94,994. In September alone tourists arrivals from China increased by 129.4 percent with 13,312 Chinese tourists visiting the island.

During first nine months of year 2014 a 100,000 Chinese tourists have chosen Sri Lanka as their preferred travel destination which can be considered as another remarkable milestone in the country’s booming tourism industry,.  In year 2005, total number of 9,668 Chinese tourists visited Sri Lanka and even before the end of year 2014 this number has significantly increased to 100,000 showing a remarkable growth trend .  This shows a 140% growth compared to last year. During the recent past, China was not even listed among the top 10 markets, but within a short period of last one year, it has secured the 3rd place in the top tourism generating markets to Sri Lanka. Achieving this goal within a short period of one year is a major accomplishment indeed. Today the world economic power is centered on Asia with countries like China, India, Japan and Korea becoming the axis driving the world economic growth. Sri Lanka to has recorded over 7% economic growth rate contributing to this positive economic growth in Asia.

Based on the peace and harmony established in the country owing to the visionary leadership of the President of Sri Lanka  H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa,  under the guidance of the Minister of Economic Development Hon. Basil Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka Tourism was able to develop a new strategic country promotional programme  to win the Asian tourist considering the world economic and tourism trends  and by developing a new frontier for traditional country promotional strategy.

Sri Lanka Tourism received Mr. HE YOUNG and Ms. Chen Hui Hua as the 100,000th Chinese tourist during year 2014 on 11th October via UL 867 flight , presenting  the success of all  the mega promotional campaigns carried out in China  and ensuring the results of the strategic tourism promotional initiative to the country and its people.


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