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Colombo | Traditional Village (Ape Gama)

Traditional Village (Ape Gama)

Ape Gama presents the traditional industries, the village lifestyle and the way Sri Lanka's autonomous society of old society functions at the time. 

In here all houses are built in a circular shape with a “meda midula” or a garden in the center. This is where the children gathered to play while the village was protected along its periphery by the houses. The folk women of Ape Gama are busy making and selling Sri Lankan sweetmeats.

Folk are standing by to explain the many facets of village life. There are people who live in this "model" village who take care of the daily tasks of visitors to observe. The women walk hastily taking the sweets prepared for sale. Visitors end up with a cup of herbal drinks served in coconut shells. Meanwhile, the drummer makes music and song sitting in the porch of his house. 

If you visit Ape Gama, it will be unique experience to you. Because in here extension of ‘Sri Lankness’ with many craft houses selling products typical Sri Lankan. This concept is based on only Ape Gama. In here creating objects in open spaces. You can see the artisans work in their outlets selling jewelry, masks and statues, paintings, sewing, lace and more. you must take time to go through these craft houses as there is so much to take in.


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