Tourism Hotline: 1912


Sri Lanka had continued to inspire and heal many who travelled to its shores ever since its existence was known to the world. Many who set foot on the island had considered it a part of a divine existence, Sri Lanka still continues to wrap its charm around its visitors, capturing their imagination with sights, sounds and flavors. Sri Lankan cuisines are a hidden treat to many while Ayurveda and meditation continues to heal the bodies and minds worn out with the cares of life.

The country’s native healing system, Ayurveda has been perfected over more than five thousand years. Based on herbs and diet, it was region’s only treatment method until the introduction of Western Medication in the 19th Century.

Meditation plays a large role in maintaining a perfect mental health. Buddhist meditation mainly deals with right mindfulness, right concentration and right view, three of the Noble eightfold path.

Although it would not heal your body or mind and uplift your senses to a godly realm, shopping therapy is bound to provide you with a temporary bliss and Sri Lanka provide excellent opportunity to immerse in shopping choosing between brilliant jewels and jewelry, finely carved wood, pottery and metal ware, porcelain, batik, spices and tea.

The craftsman ship of the country’s jewelers, weavers, woodworkers and ivory carvers had amazed the world for the last three thousand years ever since their creations were exported to many a corner of the civilized word.

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