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Kurunegala | Nikayalannuwara Historical Temple

Nikayalannuwara Historical Temple

The Nikayalannuwara temple was one of the first temples built in honour of Arahat Mihindu Thera’s visit to Sri Lanka. He arrived in the island to introduce Buddhist philosophy to the then ruling King Devanampiyatissa. Arahat Mihindu was the son of Emperor Asoka of India. Temples were built across the area 7 miles apart to mark this momentous occasion and it is believed that these temples including the Nikayalannuwra Historical temple house sacred relics. 

The temple has 3 ancient stone inscriptions that give historic details regarding Mihindu Arahat Thera, King Devanampiyatissa and King Mihindu the 6th. 

As this historic temple belongs to the very early period it has some very valuable artifacts within its premises. The temple plus the artifacts are being restored by the Archeological Department.  


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