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Ampara | Gonagolla Monastery

Gonagolla Monastery

Just few miles away from Kothmale Canal Settlement on the Galoya Valley is one of Digamadulla’s oldest monasteries with remnants of murals as old as the tenth century BC.

Found inside a cave, once used as a shrine room, the murals are on vaultceiling of the cave and had being drawn on a special plastered and polished surface. The remaining murals depict a scene of a young woman, alleged to be of Naga origin, veneratingAvalokitesvara Bodhisattva.  The Bodhisattva seems to be holding a lotus flower with a long stork in a vase in veneration to a Buddha statue, which had long gone missing. The red, orange, green and brown shaded earthly colours used in the picture are of natural ingredients and belongs to the Polonnaruwa era although the other constructions in the monastery belong to the third century BC.


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