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Ampara | Camping in Kumana National Wildlife Sanctuary

Camping in Kumana National Wildlife Sanctuary

With the reopening of the Kumana national park nearly two years ago, camping within Kumana had become a fad among the wildlife enthusiast that five main campsites maintained by the Department of Wildlife requires booking a good three months before. 

Birders who visit the Park are usually amazed at the sheer diversity of species that call Kumana home mainly due to the presence of 20 lagoons and tanks. These tanks are generally less than 2 metres deep and are often flooded by seawater and are spread throughout the park. 

Many campsites are located close to the water tanks and the Kumbukkan Oya, which forms the Southern boundary of the national park. The favourite among the five sites is the Gal Amuna Camp Site, Which stands by a natural rock Dam across the Kumbukkan Oya. The site is vast and surrounded by Kumbuk trees and provides a front seat view of the animals ranging from a vast number of birds to deer, elephant and leopards coming to the river for a drink. The naturally formed pool provides a rare crocodile free bathing spot to the campers. 


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