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Ampara | Rajagala


Archaeology, Photography, Sightseeing, Hiking, Wildlife. Built in the second century BC enshrining the remaining of the ArhantMahanidaand ArhantIttiyaTheras, the envoys of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Rajagala had been a flourishing monastery under the sponsorship of the Royals of East. Built by the Kings of Anuradhapura and having flourished under the sponsorship of Kings of Digamadulla, the Eastern kingdom of Lanka,Rajagala was known as ‘Girikibalawthisa’ in the ancient times. Standing 1030 feet tall the Rajagala mount is covered in thick jungle today. Yet the climb upwards, through an elegant rock steps formed in a gentle curve, along what once was a paved roadway, is scattered with the ruins of rock structures and moon stones, silent testimonies of a glorious age gone by. The Western slope of the mountain holds most of the rains, although the monastic village was scattered all over Rajagala.


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