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Navy Cup 2021 Jet Ski Championship

  • This is a major water sports event in the sports calendar of SLN, which is also opened to the general public and will certainly attract many competitors and water sports enthusiasts, as well as focus the attention of foreign tourists to the city of Colombo
  • In addition to Jet Ski racing, other internationally popular Water sports such as Rowing, Canoeing, Water Skiing, Thunder cat racing and Dragon boats may also be included at this year’s championship which will bring more glamour to the event and an added attraction to competitors as well. 
  • These events have also given SLN a unique opportunity to showcase its prowess, expertise and skill in this arena backed by extensive resources and the deep commitment towards upholding and promoting water sports in Sri Lanka
  • Further, this will also be an enticing factor to attract foreign participation and undoubtedly a golden opportunity to promote this picturesque venue as an international race track for water sports. 



Contact Person:Mr.Anura Danapala 


Email:[email protected]

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